Humans have occupied Ireland for the past 10,000 years, leaving us with a rich legacy of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We work to conserve this unique archaeological heritage.

Welcome to Archaeology

The Heritage Council is responsible for proposing policy, raising awareness, and promoting the conservation of our national archaeological heritage. As defined in the Heritage Act, 1995 [PDF 96KB], archaeology is an area that looks at the human past by examining evidence from the historic environment, artefacts, monuments, buildings, landscapes and seascapes.

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Preliminary Notice: Call for INSTAR Research Projects

We have issued a preliminary notice for a new INSTAR research call with a closing date of Friday 7th November 2014. The theme for projects is Landscape and Settlement.


Heritage Week 2015

August 2015- There’s lots of fun in store for you during National Heritage Week with lots of events taking place nationwide.


Historic Towns Initiative
This pilot scheme involves the three historic towns of Westport, Listowel & Youghal. Council and its partners are seeking to combine the conservation of the built & natural heritage through effective urban renewal while maximising the economic value of tourism to the towns.


Historic Landscape Characterisation in Ireland - Best Practice Guidance (2013)

Drawing on a variety of disciplines such as archaeology, geography and architecture, Historic Landscape Characterisation attempts to describe and document the character of different landscapes.